Speciality Areas

People seek counseling for a variety of reasons and at different stages in life. I have training, expertise and interest in the following areas:

Depression: e.g. chronic irritability, feelings of hopelessness, extreme mood changes

Anxiety: e.g. social anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, generalized anxiety

Adjustment Issues: such as job loss, career changes, relationship changes, divorce, attending a new school, moving

Adoption Issues: e.g. attachment difficulities, adjsutment to new family, bi-cultural concerns.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: e.g. can result from traumas such as war, sexual and physcial abuse, car accidents, natural disasters, and other traumatic events

Childhood Trauma: e.g. healing from sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, alcoholic family

Adolescent Issues: e.g. peer challenges, identity development, conflict with parents, school problems

Blended Family Issues: e.g. new marriage with children, combining children, step-parenting

Divorce and Separation: e.g. co-parenting, child transition issues

Business Consultation: e.g. starting a counseling practice